جربت مطعم وكافيه Paul

جربت مطعم وكافيه Paul
طعم وكافيه Paul

انا بعتبر Paul على الرغم من انه غالى انه مضمون و الجوده زى ما هيه دايما و مش بتتغير و فى التقيم بتاع جربت اديته ٧ / ١٠ اليوم ده و هاشرح الأسباب.

فى البدايه احنا رحنا امبارح نفطر فى Paul و كان ده على الساعه ١٠. انا شايف المطعم الكويس هوه اليبقى كويس فى اى وقت و فى اى وجبه فطار، غدا او عشا. كان فى استقبالنا واحده من المطعم بس للأسف ما كنتش بتبتسم و كان صوتها عالى قالت smokers ولا non-smokers. كانت بدايه مش مبشره فى يوم التقييم مع اننا رحنا قبل كده كذا مره و كان الأستقبال احسن شويه من كده.

انا كل مره كنت بطلب اومليت و كان بيبقى كويس و معاه potato wedges و سلطه بس قولت اغير. طلبت بافيه بالتوت و كورواسان بالفستق. الأكل وصل فى وقت سريع قبل ما ينزل لمراتى اكلها. هيه كانت طالبه اومليت بالافوكادو. 

البافيه كان كويس بس كان ممكن يبقى فيه توت اكتر او يبقى كذا طبقه انا النزلى كان بذور و توت قليل قوى على الوش بس الطعم كان ممتاز و حبيته بصراحه بس و الكرواسون كان ممتاز كالعاده. مفيش تعليق. و طبعا الكابتشينه ممتاز.


– الأكل كان طعمه ممتاز و متقدم بشكل كويس.
– العيش اتقدم فى الأول زى العادى و (بعد ما نبهنا الwaiter القالت لنا انه بس فى الغدا ) نزلت التابيناد قبل الأكل فا كان كويس منها.
– المكان نظيف و العاملين كويسين.

كنت اتمنى الأتى:

– منار، الwaiter تكتب الأوردر بدل الذاكره.
– حد يسألنى لو عايز استنى و الأكل ينزل فى نفس الوقت ولا لأ.
– زمان اول ما فتح Paul  كان الwaiter بيعرف نفسه زى بره مصر فى الأول و يرحب بالضيف و يفضل واحد بس مع الtable مش كذا واحد، علشان الخبره تبقى كويسه و علشان يبقى مسؤل لو حاجه حصلت.

التقييم العام : ٧ / ١٠

مطعم وكافيه Paul
bakery and cafe in Generate El Arab specialists in artisan French
breads, crepes, patisseries, cakes and coffees. It’s known – and quite
rightly so – for being pricey, but the quality and continuity is some of
the most reliable in the city. Overall, I’d rate Paul 8 / 10.  

atmosphere is as close to Paris as one can get in Cairo, with dark wood
touches and Edith Piaf in the background. The service is friendly, if a
little overbearing, and the food seems to come quick enough. Although
Paul serves lunch and dinner as well as breakfast, my interest is in the
first meal of the day as there are few other interesting breakfast
options in this part of town. 

my opinion, Paul makes the best bread in the whole city and the
complimentary bread basket at the start of the meal is a really nice
touch. I was surprised on this occasion that we had to specifically
request the tiny bowl of olive tapeline that comes with it – and were
told that it would be at an extra charge. Our waitress seemed to realist
how audacious this was, and didn’t charge us for it – unless it’s a
diamond, I’m not prepared to pay for anything that weighs less than 10g,
and I’m glad I wasn’t put in a position needing to explain this

foolishly filling myself on the bread basket, I then ordered the Oeuvres Poses Aux Cavorts – two poached eggs on a slice of bread with about a 
quarter of an avocado for company.  Overall it was good, essentially
just a take on eggs on toast, but without the generous topping of salt
which is commonplace everywhere else. 

breakfast is complete without coffee, and Paul’s is excellent,
especially because they give you a petite Madeleine – to me and you a
small sponge cake – on the side. The thin, smooth and silky head
conceals a chocolate, lightly smoky and strong coffee. While other
places exceed in eccentric latte art, Paul’s coffee is defined by its
quality and simplicity – and the same can be said for the rest of the
menu really. An all-round reliable option for fresh, correctly seasoned
and healthy meals in Cairo. 
What’s hot:
– Complementary bread basket – always a winner. 
– Reliable quality and consistency. 
– Chefs who know how to season. 
What’s not: 
– Smoking area is indoors. 
– We had to ask for the tapenade. 
The overall score is: 8 / 10

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