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 جربت mori sushi

mori sushi
mori sushi

 هو من الأماكن القليله فى مصر ال بتقدم خدمه  فى مستوى ثابت مش بيتغير و ده بيخليه من الأماكن الممتازه فى الآكل اليابانى.

لما رحت mori sushi المهندسين المره دى كان للتقييم و كان اول انطباع ان المكان نظيف كالعاده و لاحظت ان المكان مختار اماكن بتحافظ على الخصوصيه و ده معرفش كان قصدهم و لا صدفه. بس المهم انه كان متقسم كويس. و من الملفت برده ان كل الطربيظات ليها شكل مميز متغطيه بشكل انيق و ملفته و ده زود الدرجات فى التقييم.

الwaiter الكان معانا اسمه معتز و كان لطيف و محدش جالنا الا لما ندهنا عليه. انا شايف ان فى منطقه فى النص بين ان الwaiter يجى اول ما ندخل يقول “ها تطلبوا او جاهزين تطلبوا” و انه يسيبك و ما تلاقيهوش او متلاقيش حد تطلب منه. و ده انا شايف mori sushi نجح فيه مش بيجى بعد ما يحط المنيو بس هو موجود حواليك و ده انا حبيتوا.

انا و مراتى طلبنا كل حاجه فى النص بينا. ال Hosi Tekka maki  و ده كان تونه كان كويس بس الSake nigiri و Sake sashimi كان ممتاز و كان السالمون طرى و رائع و لو ما جربتوش لازم تجربه و بعدين تحكم.  و برضه الHosi caviar maki  كان رائع و فيه نوعين كافيار.

التقديم كان متميز و معتز جه بعد شويه سأل لو كان الأكل كويس و دى حاجه دايما بتبين ان المطعم فارق معاه الشخص. انا برشحه جدا لعشاق الsushi و بشكره على الخدمه الممتازه.


– الأكل كان ممتاز و متقدم بشكل رائع.
– الجوده ممتازه و السالمون طازه و ممتاز

– الأسعار غاليه نسبيا بس الجوده ممتازه فابتفهم ده.

كنت اتمنى الأتى:

– الخدمه كانت ممكن تبقى اسرع
– حاجات زى الUra tekka maki بتتقدم ٨ و مفيش نص الكميه او ٤ قطع مثلا و ده بيقلل فرص ان حد ياخد كذا حاجه بيحبها.

التقييم العام: ٩ / ١٠

 جربت mori sushi

mori sushi
Despite a hefty bill at the end, a meal at Mori never disappoints. It is perhaps one of the original and best sushi restaurants in the city, and our recent visit to the Mohandeseen branch reminded us why it’s reputation is still upstanding.

Beautifully presented sushi at Mori
The restaurant itself is clean, airy and sophisticated; dark wood and black table linen blend in with the waiters’ black uniforms and the layout of the tables allows for a certain amount of privacy, particularly those by the window. The background music – one of the first things I notice in a place – was equally sophisticated and inoffensive – a mix of classical jazz and hotel lobby style pieces, which easily transported us beyond the ring road.

As for the food, well, unsurprisingly it was excellent and came at just the right moment – not too quickly so that we felt it was pre-made, nor too slowly so that we got frustrated. Picking from an extensive menu, we chose four items: Hosi Tekka Maki (tuna rolls), Sake Nigiri (salmon), Sake Sashimi (more salmon) and Hosi Caviar Maki (caviar rolls). It was difficult to avoid distraction from all the colourful ‘fusion’ sushi items on the menu, but a true sushi restaurant should be able to stand on the quality of its raw fish, so we focused on that. Thankfully it was delicious and I have little to say other than it was fresh, tender, and beautifully presented.
The service was good – the waiter knew his stuff and we didn’t need to do any of that pointing to numbers on the menu business. He also came back a while after we’d started eating to check everything was satisfactory – a nice touch.

Mori seems to care about their customers, and there were signs asking for feedback both at the table and at the entrance. We duly filled in the customer survey that was on our table, mentioning that our only complaint would be the fact we were unable to order half portions of some of the items (we wanted 4, not 8 pieces, as they come on the menu).

Overall, Mori is a reliable and delicious option for some top-end dining in Cairo. As I said, it’s not cheap, and you should be able to fork out LE150+ per head for a meal. But if there’s a special occasion, I’d say it’s definitely a place to consider.

What’s hot:

    Delicious and fresh fish (served cold, on this occasion)
    Nice interior
    Positive and polite service

What’s not:

    The plastic chairs are a bit low
    The prices

Mori takes a solid 9/10

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